Personal Choices

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Delivered by our Police Community Support Officers – lots is covered in this topic. Ranging from the steps you can take to prevent yourself from becoming a victim of crime, to how to deal with unwanted peer pressure - these are all 'personal choices' you can make which can affect your future.

We cover:

  • Online safety

  • Dealing with peer pressure 

  • Healthy relationships and consent 

  • Help to prevent becoming a victim of crime 

  • Vulnerability 

  • How to contact police 

  • Anti-social behaviour 


What happens at a police station?

This section takes place inside our police station at SafetyWorks! where you can learn about what happens to someone when they are brought in to custody after being arrested.

Issues include:

  • Age of criminal responsibility

  • What happens when you get arrested

  • Police photographing and fingerprinting

  • Impact of a criminal record on future life opportunities

  • Access to criminal records information

  • Experience of a prison cell

  • The criminal justice system