Home Fire Safety

Kitchen Image for Home Fire Safety
Living Room
Key Stage 1 (age 5 to 7 years)

In the Living Room, visitors will be able to identify a number of fire hazards whilst learning about the important of smoke alarms and what action to take on discovering a fire.

  • The dangers of matches and lighters
  • Stop, drop and roll
Key Stage 2 (age 7 to 11 years)

During this session we look at how fires start 

  • Dangers in the bedroom    
  • Fires in our own home       
  • Fire triangle  
  • The dangers of toxic smoke       
  • Fire alarms and how to test them   
  • Home safety visits        
  • Fire escape plan    
  • The 999 call  
Key Stage 3 (age 11 to 14 years)

During this session we again look at possible causes of fires in the home and how they could be prevented. 

  • Key stage 2 refresh        
  • Fire alarm    
  • The front room fire scenario    
  • A group discussion on the multiple dangers    
  • Fire escape plan        

We again look at causes of fires in the home and show the front room fire video. 

  • A group discussion on experiences of fires within the group            
  • Fire prevention 
  • Smoke alarms    
  • Home safety visits   
  • Fire escape plan taking in to consideration any plans that residents have in place depending on the type of accommodation they reside in         
Key Stage 1 (age 5 to 7 years)

An introduction to kitchen safety 

  • Things that are hot   
  • How to stay away from dangers in the kitchen    
  • What to do if we burn ourselves     
Key Stage 2 (age 7 to 11 years)

A slightly more advanced look at kitchen safety

  • Spotting the dangers            
  • How to prevent fires in the kitchen
  • Burns and scalds first aid      
Key Stage 3 and above (age 11 to 16 years)

A more advanced session covering the following topics.

  • Chemical storage
  • Alcohol and medication 
  • Slips, trips and falls
  • Electrical safety 
  • Fire prevention
  • Child safety