Water Safety

Water Safety setting

The park area can be used for the Citizenship Programme including anti-social behaviour issues.  First Aid, BBQ Safety and Child Safety for new parents are also taught in the park.

On the Open Water scenario, visitors will understand about water safety including the dangers of entering water, water rescue, water temperature and the dangers of playing near icy waters.  This scenario is also able to be used for Environmental messages, including the consequences of pollution and the importance of recycling. 

This area is also used during our Summer Safety Campaign where it is staffed by lifeguards from the RNLI.  Topics covered include: 

Key Stage 2 (age 7 to 11 years)
  • The dangers around water
  • How to call the Coastguard
  • Safe Code (Water Safety Signs)
  • Water Rescue
  • Life saving techniques in the water
  • Flags – their meaning and use
  • Safety at ponds, lakes, rivers and the beach
  • Spotting dangers
  • Staying with friends
  • What to do in an emergency
 Key Stage 3 (age 11 to 14 years)

 As above but also includes:

  • Tombstoning